how to play

Prefer an interactive tutorial? Create an account and go to to be guided through your first MYTHO game.

1. join a game

First, select one of four gameplay modes available.

Olympia: Teams are pre-assigned. Turns are untimed (vs bot) or 90 seconds (vs player).

Corinth: 60 seconds to pick teams. 30 seconds per turn.

Athens: 45 seconds to pick teams. 30 seconds per turn.

Sparta: 15 seconds to pick teams. 15 seconds per turn.

Next, click on a player or bot to challenge them to a game.

2. select your team

Pick up to five heroes to be on your team.

If you're playing in Olympia, your team will be randomly selected for you.

Want to know how to pick a good team? Learn about classing.

3. move your hero

Each player has two turns per round.

On your turn, select one of your tokens on the map.

Click on a new tile to place your token, or press c to cancel your selection.

Each hero has a movement (MVT) stat that determines how far it can move each turn.

4. choose your action

Your hero has up to four choices for what to do on their turn.

Pass: do nothing.

Autoattack: deal damage to all nearby enemies.

Ability: consume 200 MP to use the hero's unique ability.

Ultimate: consume 1000 MP to use the hero's unique ultimate.

MYTHO is won when all enemy heroes have been defeated, or when your opponent concedes.

game mechanics

status effects
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Some heroes can inflict status effects on their allies or enemies.

Status effects persist for 4 turns and stack by duration.

There are six common effects:

  1. Charmed: DEF is reduced by 50%
  2. Distracted: prevented from gaining MP
  3. Poisoned: receives 800/DEF damage each turn
  4. Stunned: ATK and MVT are reduced to zero
  5. Terrified: ATK is reduced by 50%
  6. Obscured: location is not visible to the opponent

calculating damage
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Attack damage is calculated by dividing the attacker's ATK by their opponent's DEF.

The exception to this is true damage, which affects HP directly and is not affected by hero stats or status effects.

Heroes are defeated when their HP reaches zero.

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Every player can accumulate EXP (experience points) and can improve their ELO rating.

Winning a game against a bot will grant or remove EXP. Click on a bot's name in the lobby to see more details.

Winning a game against a player will grant you 1 + 10% of your opponent's EXP.

At most 10 EXP can be gained by winning a game against a player.

ELO ratings are calculated with a standard formula.

ELO ratings are only affected by games played against players.


What are drachmae?

Drachmae 🪙 are used to purchase characters and card skins from the trading post.

Winning any game will earn you 5 drachmae, up to 3 times per day. Drachmae are also awarded as prizes in tournaments or contests.

What is practice mode?

Games played in practice mode do not affect your EXP or ELO ranking.

Guest accounts are automatically placed in practice mode.

What happens if I challenge someone in a different game mode?

The type of game played is always determined by the recipient of the game invitation.

For example, if your preferences are set to a practice Corinth game, and you challenge someone wishing to play a ranked Sparta game, the resulting game will be a ranked Sparta game.

What is MP?

All heroes accumulate a certain amount of mana points (MP) after each of your turns, typically around 50 MP/turn.

MP can be spent on abilities and ultimates.

Certain heroes can influence the amount of MP accumulated per turn.

What is a passive?

Not to be confused with "passing" your turn, all heroes have a passive skill that will be automatically applied each turn.

A hero's passive becomes inactive once they are defeated.

What are hero classes?

There are seven available hero classes. Choose your heroes carefully for a successful and well-balanced team.

What are account classes?

Your account class is based on your EXP (your "score" or experience points) and ELO (competitive rating).

Iron class: less than 10.00 EXP

Bronze class: 10.00 EXP or more

Silver class: 50.00 EXP or more

Gold class: 100.00 EXP or more

Master: ELO > 1600

Grandmaster: ELO > 2200

World Champion: ELO > 2500

If you are a master, grandmaster, or world champion, that class takes precedence over your EXP-based account class.

Players in practice mode (unranked matches) are shown with green names in the lobby.

Tip: you can hover over a name in the lobby to have their score and class shown as text.

Why has my ELO rating gone down?

ELO ratings are a measure of your competitive skill level.

New cards are constantly added to MYTHO, and so ELO ratings for grandmasters and world champions are decayed by 100 ELO every new season (approximately every two months).

What is REP?

REP, or league reputation, is a measure of a league's overall might. Leagues gain 10 base REP for each registered member for up to 1000 base REP.

Please remember that creating multiple MYTHO accounts, whether to boost REP or for any other reason, is strictly prohibited.

Additionally, the top 25 MYTHO players with the greatest EXP contribute 10% of their EXP as REP to their league.

REP is highly influenced by results of League Wars and Feuds. See the tournaments page for more details.

What does the preview radius tool do?

At any point in a game, you can press z and x to decrease/increase the preview radius, which appears when you hover your cursor over a game tile.

The preview radius can be useful as a tool for measuring tile distances on the map.

What happens when I truce or surrender?

Truces (and ties, where both players are simultaneously defeated) do not affect players' win/loss counts.

If both players tie or agree on a truce (t), neither players will receive or lose points, and the game will end early.

Surrendering (esc) a game after pick phase completes counts as your opponent's win and your loss.

How do I favorite a card?

In the Index in the "all available cards" section, click on the star icon in the bottom right hand corner of a card to favorite it.

Any cards that you favorite will be arranged first in your deck in-game!

How do I customize my cards?

You can use drachmae to purchase card skins in the MYTHO Shop.

After purchasing a skin, you can equip it by clicking on the shopping bag icon in the bottom left of the card in the Index.

How do I get a custom profile picture or icon?

Ko-fi supporters can customize their own profile picture!

Click on the very top right of the main lobby screen to access the profile picture customization menu.

Thanks for keeping MYTHO running.

How do I view a game log?

While playing a game of MYTHO, press (l) to cycle visibility preferences for the game log!

Where do I view character statistics?

Check out /stats to see game statistics for any given character! Example: /stats/achilles

How do I report a bug?

Fill out this form to report a bug. Read the instructions carefully, please!

How can I support the game?

You can support the game by purchasing drachmae in the MYTHO Shop or purchasing or favoriting merch in the Printify store.

You can also donate directly to my Ko-fi. Ko-fi supporters get special perks including access to the in-game chat, so check it out!

Don't forget to recommend the game to your friends, too! Thank you for helping support MYTHO's development.

Have questions or need help? Fill out the support form here.