mytho shop

You can earn drachmaeπŸͺ™ by playing games.
Up to 15 drachmae can be earned daily!
All daily refreshes occur at midnight UTC.

classic cards
expand your deck!
price: 25πŸͺ™

4β˜† skins
selection refreshes daily
price: 60πŸͺ™

5β˜† limited skins
availability rotates monthly
price: 180πŸͺ™

check back later for more!

Credits to The Seventh Midnight for the phenomenal background music!

Please check out their other works as well - they're amazing!

Thank you to all Ko-fi and Printify supporters.

All donations and purchases are really very greatly appreciated!

Please consider supporting the game by making a donation or purchase. Game hosting and development is expensive, and every little bit helps!

Special thanks to notsunny, lej, nyklaus, and gryfon for their support and encouragement!

Thank you to everyone in the Discord server: MYTHO would not be the same without you all.

Immense gratitude to all of my playtesters for their patience and valuable feedback, and lastly, thank you for playing β™‘

- miya7090

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